Top Tourist places in Johor, Malaysia

Johor just like most cities in west Malaysia has hot and humid weather. Generally, temperature ranges from 27 to 30 degrees, and the best time to visit this place is from April to October. Following are some prominent tourist attractions that you must visit when you are in Johor, Malaysia:


Legoland Malaysia is one of the largest and first of its kind theme park of Asia. It is located in Nusajaya, Johor. Spread on 76 acres of land, it is the sixth such park in the world. It incorporates over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions. Other attractions of this park include Lego city, Land of adventure, Imagination, Lego Kingdom and Lego Technic.

Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin is the second national park after Taman Negara, and covers an area of approximately 80,000 hectares of rich and exotic flora and fauna. The park accommodates a different types of species of birds, mammals, frongs, insects and exotic varieties of orchids, herbs, medicinal plants and trees. It seems that every time a scientific expedition return from Endau Rompin,

Kota Iskandar Johor

Kota Iskandar was opened in April 2009, and has become one of the famous places in Johor. Kota Iskander is Malaysia’s first experiential parliament where visitors through guided tours will be allowed the chance to enter Johor’s beautiful state parliament hall and witness the rich culture and history of Johor.

Pulau Sibu

Pulau Sibu is a beautiful hideaway with lush tropical vegetation, golden beaches and clear blue waters. This island also gas many sea caves carved out of rock. The constant pounding of the sea during the monsoon season has made this island look exquisite and rugged. You will see waters contain fascinating coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life. Plus, you could enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing and angling.

Pulau Rawa

Pulau Raw is sixteen kilometers off the coast place in Mersing. This island is famous for white coral sand, tall palm trees and coral reefs with neon-colored fish and exotic marine life. This quiet island only has two choices of accommodation on it. The wooden chalets nestled amongst coconut groves, and a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


Desaru is situated 100 kilometers from Johor Bahru, and is quite popular for clean beaches, excellent golf courses and unique attractions. It is also named as “the land of Casuarinas” as you can see casuarinas trees alongside the beaches. Other attractions of Desaru includes Desaru beach. Fishin, village musum at Tanjung Balau, Desaru fruit farm and more.

Tourist Attractions in Kedah, Malaysia

The state of Kedah spread over an area of 9,425 sq. km towards the north of the Peninsular Malaysia, along with Perlis, Perak and Kelantan. Apart from majority of Malay people, you can also see a significant volume of Chinese and Indian minorities. You will find numerous tourist destinations in Kedah, such as:

Langkawi Island

It is off the coast of Kedah and comprises of 99 islands, offering incredible beaches, world-class infrastructure, rich flora and fauna, etc. You will enjoy shopping here everything here is very cheap and duty-free. Most of people living here are farmers, and entrepreneurs. Due to scenic natural beauty, you will never run out of entertainment on langkawi island. Some other popular destinations are the field of Burnt rice, hot springs, Telaga Tujuh, and the beach of black sand. Enjoy boat tours to Tasik Dayang Bunting, Gua Cerita and Gua Langsir.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

From the south east of Langkawi island, there is a bout 1-hour boat ride require to reach this best marine part on Malayisa’s West Coast. Pulau Payar Marine park is a well-preserved and uninhabited marine park that extends over a number of islands including Palau Payar. Enter the underwater observation chamber to witness the marine life surrounding a reef. If you want to get even closer to the swirl of fishes, grab a mask, a snorkel and join the spectacle.

Langkawi Cable Car

The Langkawi cable car rides up to Langkawi’s second highest peak at 709 meters. During this 20-minute ride, you will pass over jungle waterfalls and a thick virgin rainforest. On a clear day, you can see parts of Thailand towards the north and Indonesia towards the south west. At the top, a sky bridge offers a breathtaking view of Langkawi, and therefore, you make sure to wear comfortable shoes you need to walk up to the hanging bridge.


Dayang Bunting Lake or Tasik Dayang Bunting

Kedah is about 20 kilometers far from Kuah town, and is modestly populated on one side, and uninhabited on the other where the Dayang Bunting Lake is situated. The legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting was once the favorite bathing pool of a celestial princess named Mambang Sari who married a prince, Mat Teja. Sadly, their child died from a mysterious illness when he was just seven days old. The grieving Mambang Sari left the child’s body in the lake. It is believed that barren women who bathe in this lake will be endowed with a child.

Other tourist attractions are Alor Setar Tower, Datai Bay, Kilim river Cruise, Pekan Rabu, Tree Top Walk Sungai Sedim, Ulu Legog Hot spring, Zahir Mosque, Bujang Valley Archeological Museum, Candi Bendang Dalam, Candi Pengkalam Bujang, Gok, Kota Kuala Muda, and many more.

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