Spend a day at Singapore – amidst nature

Singapore is one of those travel destinations in the world that has utilized its natural landscape, its rich resources, culture and technological advancements for drawing attention of more and more visitors. No doubt their trial has worked in their favour and that is why, it is one of the most visited places in the world, especially in South East Asia. If you come to Singapore, you must plan your holidays accordingly, for a long stretch because Singapore has so many things to offer to you that your trip might fall short, you might be tired to visit from one place to another, but Singapore simply won’t stop offering something new every day.

However, amidst the ever changing skyline and the high rising buildings, Singapore has beautifully incorporated natural destinations and tourist spots into its list of must visit places. There are national parks, wildlife reservoirs, bird parks, zoo and many more. Two of the most important places amongst these are –

Singapore Botanic Gardens

This is a beautiful natural landscape amidst the city that incorporates many of the lakes, gardens, plants and other important places within its territory. The National Orchid Garden, Rainforest, Ginger Garden, Botany Centre and Tanglin Gate, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden and many others lie within its region. The rainforest within this botanical garden is a unique place to visit as it is one of the only two rainforests that lie within the region of a city. The garden has been decorated so beautifully that it will consume your entire day there and all the places there have their uniqueness added to it. No doubt it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jurong Bird Park

If your heart has not been satiated with the beautiful orchids and the wonderful lakes and gardens in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, then you must visit the Jurong Bird Park. Located on the slopes of the Jurong Hill, this bird park is managed by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore and is home to 5,000 birds of 400 species. Amongst these, there are 29 species that are considered to be threatened and are rare to witness and you will be lucky enough to see them as you come in this bird park.

From flightless birds to free-flying birds, from five species of penguins 7 species of pelicans to nocturnal birds, there are so many birds that you will be able to witness that you will simply be awestruck with their beauty. The park organises many shows that you must watch and the most popular ones amongst them are the High Flyers Show, Lunch with the Parrots and the Kings of the Skies Show. Make sure that you reach the show spots on time.

Sentosa Island Singapore as a famous attraction spot.

Sentosa Island, one of the most popular places in Singapore is more than just a tourist attraction. The 5 square kilometers stretch located to the south of Singapore has a sheltered beach, hotels and resort, golf courses and many wildlife habitats that will enchant you with their beauty.

Sentosa Island Singapore

You have multiple ways to make your way to the island. You can opt for a Cable car, where you will get to enjoy an aerial view of the Sentosa Island. You can use the Sentosa boardwalk to make your way on foot into the island. There are multiple points from where you can enjoy the extensive view. There is also the option of availing the Sentosa express or public buses to reach out to the place.

The Island has some of the finest beaches to enjoy. The Palawan beach that is in the central part of Sentosa has several bars alongside it. If you want to have a quality time with your family then this is the place. A number of attractions from animal show to kids club and pools will definitely keep the little ones busy. The Siloso Beach known for its outdoor activities ranging from beach volleyball to mountain biking and skim boarding is really a place for fun. After all those tiring activities you can have a sumptuous meal at any of the outlets present alongside the beach. Located to the eastern part of the coast is the Tanjong Beach. The beach is mostly known for hosting parties and other events.

Sentosa Island Singapore

You will find several luxurious hotels in Sentosa. If you want to have the pleasure of five star facilities, you can stay at the Amara Sanctuary Resort. Costa Sands Resort and Capella Singapore are some others that provide you the luxurious hospitality.

Sentosa Island Singapore

The list of attractions that you will find in Sentosa is quite long. A 360 ft. high free standing tower offering a great view of the place is the Tiger Sky Tower. You can enter into the air-conditioned cabin which slowly revolves and ascends as it gives you one of the best views of the place. Another interesting place of Sentosa is the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom which houses around 15000 butterflies and around 3000 species of the matchless insects from around the world. An underwater museum having over 2500 marine animals known as the Underwater Water and Dolphin Lagoon is also located in Sentosa. From sharks to turtles, coral reef to dolphins, this museum has it all. If you are a wildcat or adventure freak, you must visit the MegaZip Adventure Park. This is considered to be Asia’s one of the most extreme zip wires. Para jumping from a height of 50 feet, rock climbing of 16 meters high and a rope course of 40 feet high will surely provide breathtaking experiences for all.

Sentosa hosted a number of popular events, like, the Barclays Singapore Open during 2006 to 2012. The golf tournament HSBC Women’s Champions was hosted in 2013.

Travel to Alor Setar now by getting on a bus!

Alor Setar is the capital of the State of Kedah in Malaysia. This city has a unique feature that differentiates it from other cities around the world. Unlike the other cities, the government offices and school in Alor Setar is scheduled to open on Sundays to Thursdays rather than Monday to Friday.

                Alor Setar is one of the cities in Malaysia that has many places that must be visited by a tourist who will go here. Reaching Alor Setar is practically easy because it may be reached through land travel and even air travel because being the capital of Kedah, it has its own airport. This article gives you an idea about the places to go when you reach Alor Setar. Visit here to book a bus to Alor Setar.

Muzium Padi

                A museum with a unique collection to show to its visitors, Muzium Paddy, is found in Alor Setar. This museum gives the visitors an idea about rice and paddy. It shows everything that has something to do with paddy and rice such as planting, nurturing, and harvesting. As a matter of fact, the best attraction this museum has to offer is a 360-degree mural showing the different stages of making rice and paddy. Alor Setar visitors don’t need to worry about the fee because experiencing what Muzium Padi has to offer is free of charge for everybody.

Menara Alor Star

                This is the sign that Alor Setar has been rapidly developing. Menara Alor Star or the Alor Star Tower is more or less a tall standout in Alor Setar that is the home to Restoran Sri Angkasa, the rotating restaurant. It is a tourist attraction that may be easily spotted because of its height.

Masjid Zahir

                Masjid Zahir is considered as one of the oldest mosques not only in Alor Setar but the whole of Malaysia. It is visited not only by Muslims but also by people from other religion because of its grandeur.

Balai Besar

                Standing for almost 300 years now, Balai Besar was built in 1735 to serve as an audience hall. This is considered to be a royal hall where the events of the monarchs of Malaysia are being held. The hall is often used for royal weddings of Sultans and other members of the royal family.

                Balai Besar was destroyed in the year 1821 but it was later rebuilt on 1896. This royal hall attracts a lot of tourists because of its royal touch and its grandiose interior.

Balai Nobat

                Balai Nobat is a gallery hall that is the home of the Royal Orchestra’s sacred instruments. These instruments are often visited because they may only be used on royal ceremonies such as weddings, succession of crown and other royal festivities. There are a few members of the instruments namely a gong, one flute and three drums.

Balai Seni Negeri

                This is the art gallery of the state of Kedah that features the different artwork and heritages that define Kedah. Every now and then, the exhibits found in this gallery change to cater to the different things that may be learned from Kedah.

Foods in Ipoh – Yummy Yummy

The capital of Perak, Ipoh was once a main city of tin mining. But at these day, it is perhaps best known for its foods which gains reputation throughout Malaysia. Imagine to the extent that often people from Kuala Lumpur drive about 2 hours to Ipoh just to have their meals then walk around to tackle more foods and even take out before returning on the same day. Even if you are not familiar with the town, you can get a virtual guidance base on the huge amount of information online. The easiest is to follow your instinct as when you see a place is crowded then it is sure to have good food. If you are travelling from Singapore, you can now book you bus tickets from Singapore to Ipoh via http://www.easybook.com/bus-singapore-ipoh

Although generally some of the best foods offer in Ipoh are not local originated but they are nothing less in goodness and often with some twists that make them Ipoh signature dish such as Ipoh Assam Laksa which differ from Penang Assam Laksa; Ipoh Sar Hor Fun; curry pork skin Chee Cheong Fun; beef brisket noodles and much more. Bet that your mouth is watering already. Look out for local specialties include Salted Chicken – a unique must try dish where whole chicken is wrapped in grease paper and baked in wok filled with salt; Ipoh most famous Bean Sprouts Chicken – blanched local bean sprouts and chicken meat dress in soy sauce and sesame oil; they are so light and refreshing that it create no burden when you need to gobble more food.

You should have already heard of that of enormous popularity Ipoh white coffee. Take a sip of the original thing and you know the aroma, taste and texture is definitely way above the commercially-packed sachets that export elsewhere. You could get the best breakfast combo by pairing it with local Yau Zha Gwai – a type of chinese traditional crueller, eaten plain or spread with kaya. Ipoh famous egg tart and caramel custard are among the options too. These custard at its specialty shop could easily sold out by noon on weekends. There is also a street in Ipoh every sweet tooth would not want to miss. It is of full row of hawker stalls selling varieties of tong sui or dessert. There is also excellent Malay and Indian food despite Ipoh’s food culture is steered by its majority Chinese population. Like satay, rendang, banana leaf rice and the nasi kandar served by a prominent local Mamak stall is even nicknamed nasi ganja due to it supposed charms to hook you for more.

Yes, you who want good food but too lazy to go around; you could save hassle by opt for any large hawker centre to enjoy various dish in the same time. Ipoh night market is also a good place to hunt for many local snacks or quick food. But take note it is open in different location everyday throughout the week. From curry balls, char kuay, popiah, sotong kangkung to coconut jellies and maltose coated fruit skewers. These food could be so tasty and dirt cheap in the same time that get you addicted and never have enough. After enjoying Ipoh’s food for a while, is often that some people would crack jokes like – Never give in to try out Ipoh’s food or you will be doomed as your palate will be spoiled for good.

Discover Labuan

Its name derives from Malay word ‘Perlabuhan’ which means harbor. Labuan comprise of the main island – Pulau Labuan and other six smaller islands – Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Papan, Pulau Burung, Pulau Rusukan Besar , Pulau Daat and Pulau Rusukan Kecil. Located off the coast of Brunei and Sabah. You could get into Labuan’s capital which formerly named Victoria during colonial era by flight from Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, towns from Sarawak and Sabah. But only from Brunei, and a few places from Sarawak and Sabah by ferries. It has a growing population of nearly 100,000 predominant by Malay with other such as Kedayan, Chinese and other indigenous people. English and Malay is widely spoken here, but pay more attention when you meet those who speak Labuan Malay dialect which is different from the standard Malay. Due to respect, do not take Labuanese as Sabahan. Most youngster might get offended as Labuan are not longer part of Sabah since the handover to federal government on 1984.

Labuan is declared an International Offshore Financial Centre since Oct 1990, the only offshore financial centre in Malaysia up to date. Labuan economy is likely import-export oriented. Raw materials, equipments or parts for its industrial uses or even some consumer products are imported. In the meantime, almost all of its commodities including gas, crude oil, methanol, flour, animal feed, or sea products are exported to West Malaysia or overseas. Currently the land at the main island south western side is utilized by industries of manufacturing, shipbuilding, and oil and gas and more. Due to all major businesses, you could see many non-Labuan natives work here. 

Although known for its duty free status, things here are not that cheap especially electronics and computer gadgets are outrages. But you should be at ease shopping for cigarettes, alcohol, chocolate, pearls and batik sarong. Imported cars are cheaper too but once out of the island, it would be subjected to taxes. Seafood is strangely well priced over here but with you can get a local guide to show you cheaper alternatives. There are others mouth watering local kuih you might want to try such as Jelurut, Punjung or Kelupis. Mostly wrapped in banana leaves that enhanced the flavours when cooks. Coconut pudding which often served in the coconut itself is the most famous dessert on the island which you probably can’t get somewhere else.

Seem like that is it? Not likely. To make most out of your time, there are several place you can visit and do. Go diving as Labuan probably have the best wreck diving sites in Asia. Visit the Labuan War Cemetery, a particular historical destination for World War II. A remembrance day is held annually on November to honour the 3,900 recorded graves of fallen heroes in the war. Take a stroll at the beaches or ride around the town in rented scooter. Get to Labuan Bird Park that house many species of Borneo’s indigenous birds. Next to the park, stands a mysterious chimney that no one know it’s true purpose which is an artifact from Labuan coal mining era. Despite its high development, Labuan does not have much city’s hassle expected from a place like it.

Top Tourist places in Johor, Malaysia

Johor looks like the same as most urban communities in west Malaysia, it has hot and muggy climate. Largely, temperature ranges from 27 to 30 degrees, and the best time to visit this spot is from April to October. Following are some unmistakable vacation spots that you must visit when you are in Johor, Malaysia:


Legoland Malaysia is one of the biggest and first of its kind amusement park of Asia. It is placed in Nusajaya, Johor. Spread on 76 sections of land of area, it is the sixth such stop on the planet. It consolidates more than 40 intuitive rides, shows and attractions. Different attractions of this park incorporate Lego city, Land of experience, Imagination, Lego Kingdom and Lego Technic. The nearest to this  famous attraction theme park is by taking a bus from Singapore to Legoland. Bus tickets can be booked via this link .

Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin is the second national stop after Taman Negara, and covers a region of roughly 80,000 hectares of rich and fascinating greenery. The recreation center suits an alternate sorts of types of winged animals, warm blooded creatures, frongs, creepy crawlies and extraordinary mixtures of orchids, herbs, therapeutic plants and trees. It appears that each time a logical campaign come back from Endau Rompin,

Kota Iskandar Johor

Kota Iskandar was opened in April 2009, and has turned into one of the celebrated places in Johor. Kota Iskander is Malaysia’s first experiential parliament where guests through guided visits will be permitted the opportunity to enter Johor’s excellent state parliament lobby and witness the rich society and history of Johor.

Pulau Sibu

Pulau Sibu is a lovely hideaway with rich tropical vegetation, brilliant shorelines and clear blue waters. This island likewise gas numerous ocean caverns cut out of rock. The steady beating of the ocean amid the storm season has made this island look wonderful and rough. You will see waters contain intriguing coral reefs abounding with beautiful marine life. Additionally, you could appreciate scuba jumping, snorkeling, windsurfing, cruising and calculating.

Pulau Rawa

Pulau Raw is sixteen kilometers off the coast put in Mersing. This island is acclaimed for white coral sand, tall palm trees and coral reefs with neon-hued fish and intriguing marine life. This calm island just has two decisions of convenience on it. The wooden chalets settled amongst coconut forests, and an immaculate spot to escape the rushing about of the city.


Desaru is situated 100 kilometers from Johor Bahru, and is quite popular for clean beaches, excellent golf courses and unique attractions. It is also named as “the land of Casuarinas” as you can see casuarinas trees alongside the beaches. Other attractions of Desaru includes Desaru beach. Fishin, village musum at Tanjung Balau, Desaru fruit farm and more.

Tourist Attractions in Kedah, Malaysia

The state of Kedah spread over an area of 9,425 sq. km towards the north of the Peninsular Malaysia, along with Perlis, Perak and Kelantan. Apart from majority of Malay people, you can also see a significant volume of Chinese and Indian minorities. You will find numerous tourist destinations in Kedah, such as:

Langkawi Island

It is off the coast of Kedah and comprises of 99 islands, offering incredible beaches, world-class infrastructure, rich flora and fauna, etc. You will enjoy shopping here everything here is very cheap and duty-free. Most of people living here are farmers, and entrepreneurs. Due to scenic natural beauty, you will never run out of entertainment on langkawi island. Some other popular destinations are the field of Burnt rice, hot springs, Telaga Tujuh, and the beach of black sand. Enjoy boat tours to Tasik Dayang Bunting, Gua Cerita and Gua Langsir.

Langkawi Island

It is off the coast of Kedah and comprises of 99 islands, offering incredible beaches, world-class infrastructure, rich flora and fauna, etc. You will enjoy shopping here everything here is very cheap and duty-free. Most of people living here are farmers, and entrepreneurs. Due to scenic natural beauty, you will never run out of entertainment on langkawi island. Some other popular destinations are the field of Burnt rice, hot springs, Telaga Tujuh, and the beach of black sand. Enjoy boat tours to Tasik Dayang Bunting, Gua Cerita and Gua Langsir.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

From the south east of Langkawi island, there is a bout 1-hour boat ride require to reach this best marine part on Malayisa’s West Coast. Pulau Payar Marine park is a well-preserved and uninhabited marine park that extends over a number of islands including Palau Payar. Enter the underwater observation chamber to witness the marine life surrounding a reef. If you want to get even closer to the swirl of fishes, grab a mask, a snorkel and join the spectacle.

Langkawi Cable Car

The Langkawi cable car rides up to Langkawi’s second highest peak at 709 meters. During this 20-minute ride, you will pass over jungle waterfalls and a thick virgin rainforest. On a clear day, you can see parts of Thailand towards the north and Indonesia towards the south west. At the top, a sky bridge offers a breathtaking view of Langkawi, and therefore, you make sure to wear comfortable shoes you need to walk up to the hanging bridge.


Dayang Bunting Lake or Tasik Dayang Bunting

Kedah is about 20 kilometers far from Kuah town, and is modestly populated on one side, and uninhabited on the other where the Dayang Bunting Lake is situated. The legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting was once the favorite bathing pool of a celestial princess named Mambang Sari who married a prince, Mat Teja. Sadly, their child died from a mysterious illness when he was just seven days old. The grieving Mambang Sari left the child’s body in the lake. It is believed that barren women who bathe in this lake will be endowed with a child.

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